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Your mind will not make you a liar

August 18 — This Week's Quote:

“Whatever you determine to be true in the subconscious becomes true for you.”
– Richard Hatch

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Your mind won’t make you a liar because whatever you determine to be true… IS true for you.

Our subconscious mind is 88% of our brain power. It holds every experience we’ve ever had – whether it was good and bad. It holds the memory of everything that has ever been said to us whether in words or actions (literally or inferred); It keeps a record of every emotion we’ve ever felt – every joy, every sadness – it doesn’t matter. It’s all information which acts as our “programming” or our life script. And from this vast array of information it brings into our experience the things that we asks for – whether consciously or unconsciously.

In essence, our subconscious mind is like a “yes” machine. And it always achieves what it’s programmed to achieve.

For example, if you have a tendency to think that people don’t like you, and a new co-worker comes on board and you say, “You know, I really don’t think that new person – let’s call her Connie – I don’t think Connie likes me.” Your subconscious mind says, okay, and immediately gets busy bringing you evidence that this new person doesn’t like you.

So the way this plays out…. maybe you just “happen” to only seem to be around Connie when she’s having a bad day, or has just gotten some upsetting news and you misread her behavior. OR, perhaps, with the attitude you’ve already set up by your thought that she doesn’t like you, you may be consciously or unconsciously holding a grudge. Or maybe since you believe she doesn’t like you, you tend to not present your best self when she’s around and she reacts in a displeasing way to you.

I know I’ve been around people who just seem to bring out the worst in me – I’ll say something or behave in a way that I wouldn’t otherwise say or do around someone else. As I’ve looked deeper into those instances, I’ve realized that underneath, I didn’t think that that person valued me or my contribution in the way I thought they should. And this made me not act or react my best around them, especially when it was an impromptu meeting.

Our thoughts and beliefs guide our actions. And our experiences mirror what’s in our subconscious mind.

The good news is that we can change our programming. It takes work, but it can be done because our mind does not make a liar out of us.

So, if instead, you say in a self-confident, loving way, “I like myself, and if Connie chooses to like me or to not like me, either way is fine. Because I value myself.”

With this kind of thought pattern, you’re more likely to keep a positive frame of mind when she’s around, or to just not be bothered if she is being less than her best. Plus, as you keep up this new thought, you’ll probably begin to notice that you’re having more pleasant interactions with her. OR you may notice that your paths don’t seem to cross as much any more.

The thing to remember is… as we think, so we are. As we believe, so we receive in our experiences. The Bible states it, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” Mr. Hatch reminds us that whatever we conclude to be true does indeed, turn out to be true for us.

It’s a simple truth. Your mind will not make a liar out of you. Your subconscious mind is listening to every word you say, keeping a log for future reference. That’s its job. And it will bring to your experience whatever you direct it to with your words, your thoughts, and your beliefs.

What’s coming into your experience? Do you like the results you’re getting?

If not, do a little detective work. Start becoming aware of the thoughts behind your actions and behaviors. Write them down and keep a log. Notice if you see any patterns emerging.

If you do, look beneath the patterns to the core belief and ask yourself, “Is this true?”

If you’d like support as you work through this process, I’d love to help you. I know it’s hard to see clearly when you’re in the middle of it. That’s the great thing about having a coach to support you.

Remember, your mind will not make a liar out of you because whatever you determine to be true becomes true for you.



Looking Beyond the Imperfections

July 26—This Week's Quote:

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – Unknown

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Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad. Things in your life may not be exactly the way you want them to be. But it’s up to you whether you choose to bemoan the situation, complain and fuss, and be miserable.

There is another choice. You can choose to look beyond the imperfections, looking toward how you’d rather it be, and then take whatever action you can toward making things better.

This not only puts you in a much happier frame of mind, it helps create the changes a whole lot faster!

For instance, if I say to you, “Don’t think of a purple hippopotamus.” What do you immediately do? Think of a purple hippopotamus!

We can’t do a don’t. While you may want to stop being poor, single, unhealthy, or whatever your situation is, it’s not very useful to think about it in these ways – in other words, to think about what you don’t want.

It’s much more helpful to think and talk in terms of what you do want. “I want to be healthy, wealthy, and in a happy relationship.”

Then, once you’ve made that decision and stated this intention, then you must take action. Saying “I want” with no action to back it up is just a wish.

Follow your intuition, take action and trust the universe to satisfy your deepest needs, wants, and desires. Expect good things!

Because we’re human, and part of our job here is to develop and grow into our highest potential, I don’t know that there will ever be THE perfect life situation. But keeping an optimistic frame of mind while moving forward with an air of expectation will lead us to the happy, fulfilling life we all desire.



Happiness Is a Choice

July 21—This Week's Quote:

”Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” – Aeschylus, Ancient Greek Dramatist/Playwright known as the founder of Greek tragedy, 525-456 BC

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And that effort, I believe, is in realizing that things will never make us happy.

Everybody thinks they want things – sadly, its part of commercialism and advertising – the buy this, do this and you’ll be happy syndrome.

Now there’s nothing wrong with commercialism or advertising as long as you understand that their soul purpose is to get you to spend your money. Buying into their promise of happiness, glamor, or success is a totally different story.

What people really want is the feeling that things will bring them. What you and I, all of us really want is the feeling. And usually that feeling is something like freedom, security, peace, or love.

Here’s a test. Choose something that you desire – a thing, an experience, a change, etc. Now ask yourself, “What would that give me that I wouldn’t otherwise have?” Then ask the question again about that.

For example: “I want a new job.” What would that give me that I wouldn’t otherwise have? “More money.” What would more money give me that I wouldn’t otherwise have? “Freedom!”

Ask it several times and you’ll end up at the feeling. This is the feeling you’ll feel when you’ve got what you want.

So, the trick is…. to start feeling that feeling now. And then what you want will come to you even more easily and enjoyably.

Happiness is a choice. When you stop “chasing” it, trying to acquire “things” to make you happy and realize that all you have to do is focus on the feeling, then happiness comes easily, like a butterfly softly landing on your shoulder.



What Flavor Are Your Thoughts?

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The Responsibility of Freedom

July 4 — This Weeks Podcast:

“I pledge allegiance to my Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”
– Francis Bellamy (1855-1931)

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Things to think about:
• What does freedom mean to you?
• Would you say “give me liberty or give me death”? (Patrick Henry, 1775)
• How often do you take a stand for what you believe in – at work, with friends, with family?
• How often do you “go along” with something just because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, or you don’t want to make a fuss?
• How often do you exercise your “freedom” to say no when you really don’t want to do something you’ve been asked to do?
• Do you take on the opinions and perspectives you hear on the news or read in the paper? or do you investigate other sources and come up with your own opinion?

With Freedom comes responsibility. Part of our responsibility as free people is to NOT follow along blindly, but to be informed and to think for our selves and to make up our own minds about things.

As you celebrate this July 4th, give some thought to what the words to the pledge of allegiance really says.

Here’s an interpretation from the late comedian and actor Red Skelton (I read this in the Podcast.)

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”

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